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What is a freight forwarding company?

A freight forwarding company is a third-party logistics provider that coordinates the shipment of goods from one destination to another. They handle the logistics of transportation, customs clearance, and other related services.

What services do freight forwarding companies offer?

Freight forwarding companies offer a range of services such as air, sea, and land transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, cargo insurance, and supply chain management.

How do I choose the right freight forwarding company for my business?

When choosing a freight forwarding company, consider their experience, reputation, and customer service. Look for a company that has experience in handling your specific type of shipment and has a good track record of timely and reliable deliveries.

What documents do I need to provide to a freight forwarding company?

The documents required by a freight forwarding company will depend on the type of shipment and the destination. Common documents include commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and export licenses.

How is the cost of freight calculated?

The cost of freight is calculated based on several factors such as the weight and size of the shipment, the type of transportation used, the distance traveled, and any additional services required such as customs clearance or insurance.

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance is the process of getting goods through customs at the destination country. It involves the submission of various documents and payment of any applicable duties or taxes.

What is cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for loss or damage to goods during transportation. It can be purchased through a freight forwarding company or through a separate insurance provider.

How can I track my shipment?

Most freight forwarding companies provide online tracking services that allow you to track the status of your shipment in real time. You can also contact your freight forwarder directly for updates.

What are your office hours?

Our office working days are from 10:00 am-08:00 pm (Sunday-Thursday)

How can I prevent delays or issues with my shipment?

To prevent delays or issues with your shipment, make sure you provide all the necessary documents and information to your freight forwarding company in a timely manner. Communicate regularly with your freight forwarder to ensure that everything is on track and address any issues promptly.